An epiphany is a moment of sudden and profound realization or understanding. It is often characterized by a sudden insight or clarity that brings about a new perspective or a deeper understanding of a situation, concept, or truth. Epiphanies are moments of enlightenment where something becomes clear, and individuals experience a heightened awareness or a shift in their understanding.

Epiphanies can occur in various aspects of life, including personal relationships, creative endeavors, problem-solving, or moments of self-discovery. These moments are often described as a sudden "aha" or "Eureka!" moment, where the pieces of a puzzle come together, and one sees the bigger picture.

The term "epiphany" is commonly associated with a breakthrough in thought or perception, leading to a profound and sometimes life-changing realization. It's a moment when confusion or uncertainty is replaced by a sudden and illuminating clarity. Epiphanies can be simple and everyday, or they can be significant and transformative, depending on the context in which they occur.